Sunday, May 23, 2010

{Lamas Family}

We love the Lamas family! Mary, Paul & Sam were in town for a wedding last week! This was a very quick 25 minute session with both of our schedules packed, but we still managed to get together and get some cute shots- despite the wind and the cold! Yikes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Johnson Family}

{Dan & Becca}

We're on to the next wedding with Dan & Becca! I'm getting excited about doing their engagement pictures in the next few weeks! Just a couple I took of them at Kate's wedding. So cute & in love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

{Kate & Matt's Wedding}

(All time favorite picture of my family.)

This is my sister's wedding. I've been staring at the pictures for a week now. Gosh, I took a lot of pictures! Just for fun & as a learning experience of course. Mikki {Captured By Mikki} was Kate's wedding photographer. It was really neat to take pictures along side a pro.
What a great day it was. I wish I could relive the whole thing from start to finish- only with a child who had a nap and wanted to smile for pictures. Yeah. That sounds nice. The ceremony was incredible & the reception gorgeous. And right now all I can think about is how great relaxing on Hamoa beach in Maui would be right now... so jealous.
* PS. This post took forever. Thanks for checking it out.
*Kate & Matt, Love you both! *And that's me in some of those shots, courtesy of my Aunt Ann & Becca. :)