Thursday, May 19, 2011

{A Hero's Homecoming}

I was honored when my friend Jessamyn asked me to come take pictures of
her husband's homecoming from an 11 month deployment.
What an incredible way to spend a Saturday morning.
We waited in the hanger for what seemed like forever-
There were kids dressed in red, white and blue, balloons, banners,
a big brass band playing in the corner, news crews, wives dressed gorgeous
and sweet children excited to see their daddies. 

We waited and waited, and then finally the plane landed.

I think it's safe to say everyone had chills and lumps in their throats as
the plane pulled full circle in front of the hanger where we were all watching.

The crowd of family members and friends pushed forward to get as close to the plane as they would allow.
Then, the first man stepped onto the stairs coming down from the plane
and the crowd burst into an uproar of excitement- screams and sobs
and the brothers next to me started to cheer "USA! USA!" raising their fists in the air.

Finally, after 11 months apart, the Barnette family was back together again.
It was a very touching experience, one I'll never forget. 
They hugged and laughed and just stared at each other, smiling. It was wonderful.

Thank you Brian and Jessamyn for the sacrifices you've made for our country!
I'm so grateful for you and it was such an honor and privilege to be there to photograph such a special day. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
I love you with all my heart Jessamyn and I'm so grateful to call you my best friend.
xoxo, Em